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New Offer

At RAC we love options

At the RAC School of Motoring, we love options! We understand that learning to drive can be a significant investment, which is why we offer flexible payment plans that allow you to choose the option that suits you best. With our payment plans, you can enjoy quality driving lessons without compromising on your budget.

Three lessons for $97 - Are you eligible?

Keys 2 Drive Requirements

  • You hold an Australian learners permit
  • Your supervising driver (i.e. Dad, Mum, Friend, etc.) holds a full Australian driver’s licence*
  • Both you and your supervising driver must attend the entire free lesson
  • You are not an overseas licence holder upgrading to an Australian licence
  • You are not upgrading from an Automatic Licence to a Manual Licence
  • You have not held a full drivers licence in Australia or overseas
  • Under 25's only

RAC School of Motoring Requirements

  • New customers only
  • Never previously undertaken a Keys 2 Drive lesson
  • Must have a FREE LESSON ID obtainable from the Keys2Drive website

The Keys2Drive lesson will serve as one lesson from our $97 three driving lesson special offer


Please note our office opening hours are:

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday Closed Saturday & Sunday

100 is the magic number

There's nowhere to run! You're going to need to officially record 100 hours of supervised driving including 10 hours of night driving.

Here's the good news though.

Complete 10 hours with us and it will count as 30 hours to get you that head start.

For the rest of your logged hours you are probably going to want to choose a supervisor to take you out on practice. Here are some points to consider before you do.

Choosing your supervisor

It's important to pick the right person to be your supervisor as you work your way through your log book hours.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your supervisor:

  • Someone that is experienced, calm natured and patient. If Mum and Dad are stress-heads then look elsewhere.
  • Someone that is supportive, positive and who will give you objective and constructive criticism as you progress.
  • You need someone that isn't super busy and can commit sufficient time towards your driver training.
  • Ideally you want someone that clearly has a great understanding of safe driving techniques and an exemplary driving record.
  • And obviously they need to know the road rules of Queensland and make an effort to stay informed about changes to these rules.
  • Please ensure you are insured to drive your supervisors car prior to hopping in and driving away!

Choose wisely. It’s very easy to pick up hard to shake bad habits from your supervisor.

If you're not in a driving school car you will need to have your L plates displayed at the front and rear of your vehicle. And remember they have to be visible from 20m away.

WARNING: You and your supervisor can both get a hefty fine if you don't display your L plates. Worse yet, you'll also get two demerit points so do not risk it. And if you don't need to display those L plates remember to take them off as well or you could get fined too. Except of course if you're a driving instructor.

If you don’t have anyone suitable to be your supervisor give us a call to discuss our super saver supervisor packages.

Our Standard Lesson Pricing

  • 1 Hour Lesson  - $76
  • 1.5 Hour Lesson  - $114
  • 2 Hour Lesson  - $150.00 Book Online
  • Packages:

  • 5 Lesson Package  - $365 Book Online
  • 10 Lesson Package  - $710 Book Online
  • Test Packages

  • 1 Hour Pre-Test Lesson + Test Hire  - $194.00* Book Online
  • 2 Hour Pre-Test Lesson + Test Hire  - $254.00* Book Online
  • International Licence Changeover Package  - $342.00* Book Online

*Payment is required in advance to secure reduced prices for Lesson & test packages

Payment can be taken either via card or cash - see your driver trainer for more details or contact info@racschoolofmotoring.com.au