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RAC School of Motoring
Success following a flawless drive! Congratulations on your well deserved pass Jake! . . #RACSchoolOfMotoring #DrivingTest #Pass #Success #NoMoreLs #Redcliffe #Qld #TeamRACSoM
RAC School of Motoring
Congratulations from all at #TeamRACSoM - A well deserved pass following an awesome drive! . . #RACSchoolOfMotoring #DrivingTest #Pass #Success #NoMoreLs #Logan #Qld

1. RAC School of Motoring is an independent online platform that streamlines the connection between Queensland Based learner drivers and qualified professional driving Instructors. We do not provide driving lessons nor do we operate as an agent, partner, joint-venturer or principal contractor for Australian driving Instructors. Reasonable care and diligence has been taken to ensure Instructors of the highest quality available.

2. RAC School of Motoring will not be held accountable, for any traffic infringements incurred by a client, whilst engaged in a driving lesson. If this were to occur, the client is solely liable to make any required payments due as a result of the infringement.

3. The client permits and indemnifies RAC School of Motoring of any action resulting from the use of photographs of the individual, digital images or related information for promotional purposes only.

4. Student and instructor are responsible for agreeing all matters relating to the timing, location and duration of individual lessons. The student agrees to notify their instructor of any matters, which affect their ability or entitlement to undergo driver training, for example, but not limited to, any lack, or loss, of a valid QLD learner driving licence.

5a.The student is liable for a 100% cancellation fee, if they fail to provide notice to their appointed instructor 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. If a client books and does not cancel before the scheduled lesson time, the amount paid for the lesson will be forfeited entirely. 5b. If a student cannot produce a current active drivers licence, which is required by law, at the start of the lesson the lesson fee will be forfeited entirely. This clause is however at the discretion of the appointed Instructor.

6. Gift Vouchers are none transferrable and are none refundable, however in extreme circumstances this clause maybe waived at the discretion of the allocated driving instructor

7. RAC School of Motoring is not liable under any circumstance for any damage, negligence or loss resulting from any accident or collision, vehicle malfunction, absence of appropriate insurances and/or including any other event that results in damage or loss to the client or Instructor.

8. All purchases made from RAC School of Motoring are subject to a 6 month expiry period from the purchase date. If a purchase has not been redeemed before its expiry, the total amount will be lost.

9. $40 offer conditions - Get your first lesson for $40 when you prepay for our three lesson intro package. Applicable to full time students that have never driven before.

10. If you pay the instructor for your next booking in advance or pay for a block booking, RAC School of Motoring does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any acts, defaults or failure on the part of the instructor not to carry out their obligations.

11. The allocated driving instructor reserves the right to end an active lesson if the student is driving in a dangerous manner, this includes but is not limited to, speeding and aggressive driving. No refund will be given for the lesson. If a student has prepaid for a package of lessons and the instructor feels at significant risk in the vehicle with the student, the whole package value may be forfeited. This however, is at the discretion of the driving instructor.

12. You acknowledge that you have read and understand these terms and conditions and by proceeding and continuing to use this Website, unequivocally agree to be bound to the fullest extent permitted by law.